Rent to Own

Own it, love it!
Rent-to-Own option is now available on our website. Choose a way to ease your finacial pressure and yet own the computers you want.
Payment Info: below is the example of "rent-to-own" a second-hand laptop (worth $360)
Onetime Rental
bi-Weekly Installment
$72*8 Installment
Total Cost to Own
Weekly Installment
$36*16 Installment
Cash Price
Monthly Installment
$144*4 Installment
No Pressure
You spend the same amount of money regardless of the installments you choose. If you need a bit more time to pay off, choose monthly installment.

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Laptop rentals for business and events


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We offer some of the most competitive prices in the technology rental industry. Our shortest term rental is likely less expensive than going out to eat!

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Our team is online and actively responding to inquiries 24 hours a day. We care about every word you say or write to us!

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Our goal is to make the rental process simple and easy to order and pay online, but if you need help to navigate the website or to choose a product, we have a team to advise and serve you.